Sunday, August 9, 2009

You too can do it

Meme makes the plan and Coco does the research. Materials needed include graph paper, straight edge, pencil, web access and good reference book/idea book.

Coco levels the site and builds one form and begins to experiment with pouring pads. Materials needed incude plywood, 2"x4"x8' studs, long drywall screws, rebar, wheel barrow,
shovels, pick axe, power driver and power miter. Andrew helps with these tasks and his only requirement is that he be in charge. Be sure to check the form for dimensions and squareness prior to the pour and allow enough
time for curing.
After a couple of failed attempts Coco and Andrew get down to business pouring and setting pads for the first outside room in this three room project ie. the kitchen garden. Materials needed include crusher fines and strong backs.